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FairShare Programme

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FairShare seeks to provide preferential public procurement opportunities for qualified small businesses up to TT$1 Million.  By increasing the business’ accessibility to public sector contract opportunities, the business gets increased exposure and chances to secure public sector contracts.  The programme encourages Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) to enter new territories transparently and efficiently.  The Programme also provides training in entrepreneurship and technical skills in order to improve the quality of services and management of the successful applicants. 

It allows for networking opportunities with Government Ministries and State Agencies (GMAs).  Client information is available online for these GMAs to access the pool of vendors available in the Programme, while the small businesses registered in the Programme will be given opportunities to bid on procurement opportunities provided by the GMAs. 


FairShare Benefits:

  • Free marketing of products and services
  • Direct linkages to clientelegreen-gears
  • Increased Sales
  • Business growth and expansion
  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Increased quality of goods and services


FairShare Requirements

To QUALIFY, your business must:

  • Complete the application form (online at or submit a hard copy application)
  • Be small, micro or mini-micro, having all of the following criteria:
    • Less than 25 employees 
    • Less than Sales turnover up to TT$8 million annually
  • Be a registered business or cooperative
  • Be at least 51% owned by a legal resident of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Be owned by someone over the age of 18
  • Submit all licences and other professional certificates as appropriate
  • Submit three (3) written references attesting to the services provided in the sector in which you wish to provide services

After the application process is completed, the certification process begins, during which the application information is reviewed and verified and includes a one-on-one interview.  Once the certification process has been successfully completed, the applicant is Fair Share certified.  The Ministry seeks to ensure that small and micro enterprises have adequate support, allowing them to compete effectively in the marketplace, which in turn creates a favourable labour climate and ensures that the business along with all other MSE’s contribute positively to national economic development.

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